How to Choose a Honeymoon Destination

Congratulations on finding your lobster! Now for the really fun part—finding the perfect place to celebrate your happily ever after. The honeymoon is where you leave the stress of wedding planning behind, enjoy time alone as a married couple, and celebrate the beginning of your next amazing chapter!

Picking the destination is just one step in the planning process, though. You also need to consider budget, activities, length of stay, and more. It may be tempting to throw a dart at a map, but we don’t recommend it. Instead, keep reading for tips on how to pick the perfect honeymoon destination. Don’t let the search overwhelm you, though. Here at Adventure Travel, we have the best advice to help you and your partner find a honeymoon hotspot that will make you both smile. After all, we’ve been booking honeymoons for over 45 years.

1. Determine Your Honeymoon Priorities, Together

Take it from the honeymoon experts at Adventure Travel—sit down together and make a list of your non-negotiables. These items are critical in making sure you and your boo get the honeymoon you both deserve. Even if you want opposite things, there are destinations that can combine your preferences.

Do you want to stay in a quaint inn and walk the cobblestone streets of a European town? Maybe your partner wouldprefer a good book and a piña colada on a remote beach? Perhaps you imagined something adventurous and exhilarating, like ziplining or skydiving? Now’s the time to get this settled.

2. Determine Your Budget

Avoid friction down the line by getting on the same financial page now. As weddings have become more over the top, so too have the honeymoons. You may be surprised to learn the average honeymoon costs  $5,100 according to a 2022 survey by The Knot. If you want to save on honeymoon costs or find ways to increase your honeymoon budget, check out these great ideas.

A travel registry is an updated twist on an old-fashioned wedding gift. Let your family and friends know what you really want—an amazing experience with your new bride or groom (and no more blenders!). Adventure Travel offers full-service travel registries to help make your dream honeymoon a reality.

The average honeymoon lasts seven nights or longer. Consider shortening your stay to extend your budget. A three- or four-night getaway can be just as memorable (and less stressful if finances are tight). Combine a mini moon with our tip below for even more budget-maximizing potential!

Forgo crowded planes and boost your budget by hitting the road! According to survey data published by Statista in 2023, average honeymoon spending dropped to $2,200 when traveling by car instead of plane. Exceptional locations are easily found within driving distance and can be as secluded or isolated as you prefer. Just let your Adventure Travel consultant know and we’ll make your honeymoon dreams happen.

3. Get Honeymoon Destination Inspiration

Now that you and your future spouse have figured out your priorities and budget, it’s time to narrow down the locations. Our handy destination picker will help you find the perfect honeymoon match!

Select your honeymoon type below and then choose from the destination options!

If you want more honeymoon destination ideas, be sure to check out our Most-Booked Honeymoon Destinations of 2022. 

Let’s Hear From the Experts!

We sat down with two of our most tenured experts at Adventure Travel, Kristian Collins, our Director of Adventure Travel, and Associate Manager Stephanie Locke, to ask them to share their best honeymooning advice.

If you were getting married this year, where would you like to go on a honeymoon?  

     Kristian: “I am obsessed with the Maldives. I love the remoteness of it all. It reminds me a lot of Fiji but it’s a
     lot closer and can be much more 
affordable. What says honeymoon more than a beach bungalow over the

      Stephanie: “For something closer to home, an epic road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles would be so
      much fun! The distance is short enough to do in a long weekend, but this area is full of opportunities to
      easily fill a two-week itinerary (or more).” 

What advice would you give to someone planning their honeymoon?  

     Kristian: “Seriously consider honeymooning at your dream destination—even if it’s far away or more
     expensive. Once I got married, life quickly took off in many directions and now traveling anywhere
     international is incredibly difficult. Careers need more attention, kids need care, etc. Take 
this time as a
     couple to explore somewhere amazing before life gets in the way.”

     Stephanie: “For me, a honeymoon is all about finding time to relax and reconnect after the stress of wedding
     planning. You want to pick a destination and an itinerary that allows you plenty of time to enjoy being a
     newlywed and make some amazing memories together too.”

Bring Honeymoon Plans to Life with Adventure Travel 

You’re marrying the person of your dreams, so don’t settle for a honeymoon that’s less than perfect. Wherever you decide to celebrate, our Adventure Travel advisors will guide every step of the way. If you’re ready to start planning, schedule a consult, or contact us to get started. To learn more about Adventure Travel visit our website 

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