Most-Booked Honeymoon Destinations of 2022

Can You Guess Our Top Five?

You decided on a life partner, but can you decide on a honeymoon destination? With the world at your fingertips and endless amazing options, knowing where to begin your planning process can be overwhelming. We’re pros when it comes to planning a knock-your-socks-off honeymoon, so let us help ease your stress and make memories that last as long as your marriage—which is hopefully a lifetime!

Adventure Travel’s Current Honeymoon Destination Favorites

Looking for a short list of destinations to commemorate your wedding? Check out our current list of top honeymoon destinations.
  1. Costa Rica – For the Free Spirits with an Adventurous Side
  2. St. Croix – History Buffs + Beach Bums: A Match Made in Caribbean Heaven
  3. Greece – Beach Vibes Plus European Flair
  4. St. Lucia – A Perennial Favorite for Beautiful Reasons
  5. Las Vegas – A Good-Time Playground for the Wild at Heart
Explore trips or contact us to talk it through! If you don’t see a trip that catches your eye, don’t worry—we have thousands of more options to offer. Too many to list on our website as a matter of fact!

Travel Registries Rule

Say goodbye to basic blenders and hello to the world! A travel registry is an updated twist on an old-fashioned wedding gift and is an excellent way to let your family and friends know what you really want—an amazing experience with your new bride or groom. We offer full-service travel registries to help make your dream honeymoon a reality. It’s your celebration—commemorate the way you want! Explore our travel registry offering.

Consider a Mini-Moon

If far-flung, expensive, and long aren’t adjectives you have in mind for your honeymoon, consider a mini-moon. Explore destinations close to home, save money and time, and still enjoy a memorable getaway to celebrate your nuptials! Check out some of our current favorites for nearby destinations.
If you want to avoid crowds and planes, that’s easy to do too! Exceptional honeymoons can be had within driving distance, and you can be as secluded or isolated as you prefer. Just let your advisor know and we can make your honeymoon a happy one.

You Focus on Each Other, We Focus on the Planning

Wherever you and your partner want to celebrate, we’re here to help. Our Adventure Travel Advisors are experts in honeymoon planning and will guide you every step of the way. If you’re ready to start planning, contact us to get started, or learn more about Adventure travel.
Happy honeymooning!

About the Author

Stephanie Locke | Adventure Travel Advisor

Stephanie Locke is a travel advisor in Birmingham, AL, with a passion for experiential travel and off-the-beaten-path adventure. From cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa to taking food tours in Madrid, Stephanie always looks for ways to fully experience a destination. She travels often with her husband and children, gaining firsthand knowledge to helping her clients plan their special family trips.

When working with her clients, Stephanie loves to add unique cultural experiences to connect with each travel destination. She encourages clients to step out of their comfort zone and make their trip exceptionally memorable—even if it’s just sampling local cuisine! Stephanie focuses on building a personal relationship with each client in order to understand each individual’s vacation and travel dreams, and then works to make those a reality for each and every trip.

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