Yukon Adventures

By: Brittany Bridgewater

I recently went on a journey to the Yukon Territory without really knowing what to expect. Although I have traveled all over the world, I didn’t expect the Yukon to become one of my favorite places I’ve visited. Here is why the Yukon is underrated and why it should be on your travel radar for 2024.

The Northern Lights

The Yukon is a great place to see the Northern Lights! AND in 2024, we will be entering a “Solar Max” cycle which means the Northern Lights will be the best they have been in 11 years. I went in the off season when the Northern Lights aren’t guaranteed and still managed to see them. The sky lit up, danced across the sky and put on a great show. While other Northern Lights destinations cannot guarantee you will see the Northern Lights (and neither can the Yukon), the northern lights resorts here require you to stay a minimum of 3 nights because statistically, you will see them at least 1 night you are there. We can’t control the weather, but I’ll take those odds! If the Northern Lights is on your bucket list, the Yukon is the place to go. 

Adventure, Adventure, Adventure!

The Yukon is a great destination for mountain biking, hiking, wildlife sightings, and dog sledding. My favorite experience though is doing a flight seeing experience by plane over Kuane National Park and landing on the glacier. Being up in the sky over the mountains and glacier is truly awe inspiring. 

Dawson City

Visit the gold mining town that was at the heart of the world-famous Klondike Gold Rush. Take a walk back in history to see the old bank & post office dating back to 1900, and visit the old saloon where gold miners would come to spend their earnings after a long day of panning. Try your luck at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s, Canada’s first casino, and be wowed by its cancan-inspired entertainment shows. Afterwards, join the “Sourtoe Cocktail Club” by trying the famous sour toe cocktail- a shot with a human toe in it! I didn’t want to do it, but as they say “when in Rome…”

Dawson City
Emerald Lakes

From the emerald lakes, to the mountains &  glaciers, The Yukon has understated beauty like no other. Talking about it won’t really do it justice, because you need to experience it firsthand to understand what makes it so magical.

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