Vacationing During COVID-19

What Is It Like? And Is It Safe?

Do you have cabin fever? If you’ve been feeling holed up during the pandemic, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. According to a recent report, three out of four respondents reported travel is an activity they miss most, and nearly 50% said the inability to travel was causing anxiety and stress. Not surprising since so many of us thrive on new experiences and seeing the world. If you’re wondering what vacationing during COVID-19 is like, read more below.

Safety First

So you want to travel, but should you? As long as you follow the necessary precautions (masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing, etc.), you can enjoy a safe vacation during COVID-19. While many travelers have been concerned about flying, recent research shows that air travel is very safe. According to a study from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, air travel poses a lower risk of COVID-19 transmission than shopping for groceries. US airlines have taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of their passengers and it has paid off. In a recent article on Today.com, a spokeswoman for Airlines of America said there have been no confirmed cases of the virus on US flights. So when do we board?

Where to Visit

Have you experienced Wine Country in California, New England in the fall, or one of our pristine National Parks in the Great American West? Our backyard is full of closer-to-home destinations that are just as stunning and inspiring as something across the pond, and you can likely get there by car (for even less contact with those outside your bubble). Road trip, anyone? Explore our featured domestic land adventures here. 

Is something more exotic or tropical calling your name? Then consider Caribbean jewel, Jamaica. This much-beloved destination has taken great care to ensure visitors are healthy, requiring recent COVID-19 negative tests before boarding and health screenings upon entry. We work with a range of partners in Jamaica and are confident we can find the perfect option to fit your needs. Learn more about travel requirements to Jamaica. 

What to Expect

Just like here, it’s not “business as usual” when vacationing during COVID-19, so prepare to adjust expectations. Think no buffets, masks in public spaces, and socially distanced activities. We have many clients who have carefully selected a destination to visit—low cases, stringent testing protocols, etc.—and returned home with very positive travel experiences.

Top things reported include:
  • Less people at the airport
  • Shorter airport security wait times
  • Mask enforcement
  • Social distancing
  • No buffets
Overall, our clients felt safe, healthy, and thoroughly enjoyed their recent stays.

Final Tips

It’s important to remember that states and countries each have their own rules and regulations regarding COVID-19, so do a little homework before doing too much planning. For the latest news and state regulations, consult the CDC’s website.

If you’re ready for a change of scenery, let Adventure Travel help plan the right trip for you. Our travel advisors can curate just the vacation you’re looking for—whether it’s a nearby adventure or a tropical beach escape, we’re here to assist when you’re ready.

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